Programs & Awards

​​Master Builder’s Award
​​Master Mason Rookie Award
The Massachusetts Grand Lodge of Masons is pleased to present our “Master Builder’s Award” as part of this jurisdiction’s ongoing commitment to membership engagement and getting our existing members involved in their respective blue lodges.

There are many brothers in our lodges who are looking for Masonic activities to engage them. There are also those brothers whom have not returned to lodge, and if a concerted effort is made by the Worshipful Master to reconnect with these brothers, the Master Builder’s Award may just be the vehicle to peak their interest and get them coming out once again.
​​The future of our fraternity and our ability to continue to grow our membership is highly dependent on being able to engage and integrate our new members into the activities of the lodge. When new members become involved and active in their respective lodges they become the best prospects for new candidates for that lodge.

The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve these membership goals.