News & Events

5th vs 14th Cornhole Tournament 

​LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!! The 5th vs. the 14th Cornhole competition sign up is here. $40 per team or $25pp and we will match you up. a meal is included in the price. $10 to watch and have a meal. 

For more information and to register please see the 5th District Facebook page

Fifth District Breakfast

The Fifth District is hosting its first district wide breakfast.  This is all about getting thedistrict together more often on social events for brotherly love and friendship. Bring your family, friend, prospect, new members from Entered Apprentices to Master Masons, everyone is welcomed. Use it as a recruiting tool or just come and enjoy the food.

The District Deputy Grand Master hopes to make this a quarterly event on the Sunday following the Grand Lodge Quarterly. Please promote this to your lodge members and lets have a great turnout. I hope to see you at breakfast.

The event will take place in the Newtonville Masonic Building from 8:30-11:00 am on March 17th.  The cost is $10 per person and children under 12 are free.

District Mailing List 

One of the District Deputy Grand Master's goals is to facilitate the flow of information about events going on in the District to all the brothers of the district. In order to do this the District Webmaster is putting together a mailing list for those who are interested in receiving information about the goings on around the District. The DDGM and Webmaster will occasionally be sending out information about events going on in the district; in addition there will be a monthly newsletter that the DDGM sends out with important information about upcoming events. If you are interested in staying informed about the Lodges in the Fifth District please click information  here ​and leave you contact 
Dalhousie Lodge Ladies Night and New Year Celebration 
On Feburary 13th, 2019 Dalhousie Lodge will be hosting its Ladies night and Chinese New Year celebration. Space is limited and all reservations must go through Dalhousie Lodge. This is a great evening and a lot of fun for everyone involved; and if you have never seen a dragon dance, this is your chance.

Grand Master's One Day Class

***Your candidate must be read, voted on and submitted to Grand Lodge  by January 31, 2019

 Your have heard it over and over about the one day class coming up in March.  At this point you needed to have your candidates that you want to go through this class to have been voted on in lodge.  If not there is a very good chance they will not be able to attend.

Remember this class is great for a guy who just does not have time to do it the traditional way, like a sales guy who travels all the time and can’t promise to be at the meetings.

Many contributing members have gone through the one day class so don’t think for a second anyone who does this is a lesser Mason.
 ​What is the schedule for the day?

The day will begin with an early light breakfast followed by a brief orientation for candidates, sponsors and attendees.  Afterwards, there will be degree work interspersed with short breaks including a luncheon for all attending.
It will be a busy day, so precise times are fluid.  
Freemasonry License Plates

 The MM series plate (Freemasonry) is available now at full service RMV ofces across Massachusets. The Registry of Motor Vehicles began releasing the plates in late January 2017. Only the RMV can accept applicatons for these plates. They cannot be ordered through Grand Lodge.

For online ordering, go to the ofcial RMV website: htps:// and scroll through the sample plates until you see the MM series (Freemasonry) plate.

Besides providing awareness, the Masonic License Plates support our statewide Masonic charites, including the Brotherhood Fund!

These Freemasonry Plates are available to all Masons, their families, friends and anyone who supports FreeMasonry! The applicaton fee is $40 (reimbursed by GL). Every two years regular plates are renewed for $60 (as an FYI vanity plates are $100 and renewable every year!). The Freemasonry plate is re-newed for $100 with the diference be-ing returned to GL Charites! The $40 diference on renewal is also tax deductable!