R.W. Scott D. Inglis
District Deputy Grand Master, Fifth Masonic District

District Deputy Grand Secretary
Wor. Robert G. Kispert

District Deputy Grand Marshal
Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr.

District Deputy Grand Treasurer
R.W. Donald H. LaLiberte

District Service Officer
Wor. Kenneth L. Brown

District Youth Coordinator
Bro. Mark J. Collins, Sr.

District Masonic Health System Representative
Wor. Sebastian Napolitano

District Webmaster
Wor. Mark J. Pearrow

District Widows and Orphans Representatives
R.W. David P. Newcomb and R.W. David C. Kramer

District Membership Team Chairman
Bro. Carl D. Durham, Jr.

Assistant Chairman
Bro. Robert Y. Chan

Lodge of Instruction Team
Wor. Michael S. Bickford

Assistant Secretary
Wor. Seth A. Landau

Lead Instructors
R.W. James O. Dill and Wor. Kenneth L. Brown
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